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Reimbursement Eligibility and Scope

  • Eligible participants for reimbursement: Overseas buyers (Participants approved and selected by the secretariat)
  • Scope of reimbursement: Economy round-trip ticket, airport limousine round-trip ticket cost
    • Taxi fare is not subject to reimbursement.

Reimbursement Conditions (Subject to change)

  • Rate of Reimbursement
  • Rate of reimbursement is determined based on the number of meetings you participated in during the Travel Mart event period. Out of a maximum of 28 meetings,
    • 25 or more: 100% reimbursed
    • 17 ~ 24 : 60% reimbursed
    • Less than 17 meetings : 0% (No reimbursement is provided.)

  • Reimbursement Policy
    • 1. The policy for providing reimbursement air tickets is based on ‘economy round-trip tickets.’ Even if you personally upgrade your seat, the secretariat will reimburse ‘economy round-trip ticket price’
    • 2. The average price of economy class seat to major cities by country will be the upper limit of reimbursement.
    • 3. For air tickets, only the amount of money based on departure from the country and region submitted for pre-registration will be reimbursed. (e.g. When entering the country after an overseas meeting in another country, the buyer's country is the upper limit)
    • 4. As proof of cash payment is not possible, you must submit a receipt (which specifies payment date, item, payment method, etc. ) generated after card payment.
    • 5. In the case of no-show due to personal reasons, no reimbursement will be provided (at your own expense).

Documents Required for Reimbursement

※ The submission documents, along with the required forms, will be provided separately after the consultation count aggregation.
  • 1. Personal information use consent form
  • 2. Identity card (passport)
  • 3. Account information
    • Personal Info
      • Name
      • Passport Number
      • Address
    • Account Info
      • Bank Name
      • SWIFT / BIC / ABA / IBAN Code
      • Bank Address (Branch Name)
      • Account Holder
      • Account Number
  • 4. Receipt (Receipt generated after card payment, proof of cash payment is not possible)
  • *When reimbursing to a corporate account, a contract related to airline tickets (consent form and airline ticket invoice) is required instead of personal information.