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48 Seoul International Travel Mart to ‘preempt’ with Corona tourism market Admin 2021-11-04
47 SITM&SITMMT2021, 621 companies from 39 countries participated in the Corona era Admin 2021-11-04
46 Seoul to illuminate new normal tourism trends such as beauty, medical care, and wellness Admin 2021-11-04
45 Oh Se-hoon "I will make Seoul a center of beauty tourism" Admin 2021-11-04
44 "Ready to welcome tourists"... Hosted 'Seoul International Travel Mart' Admin 2021-11-04
43 Mayor Oh Se-hoon “Seoul will make Seoul a center for beauty tourism”… Opening of Seoul International Travel Mart (SITM) Admin 2021-11-04
42 “Tourism Preemption in the With Corona Era”… Informing the world of Seoul's competitiveness Admin 2021-11-04
41 2021Seoul International Travel Mart, Seoul Medical Tourism International Travel Mart (SITM&SITMMT 2021) Opening Ceremony Completed Admin 2021-11-04
40 Start of 'With Corona' Started to attract tourists from local governments across the country Admin 2021-11-04
39 Korean tourism visited by 17.5 million people… With Corona take another leap forward Admin 2021-11-04
38 Sarang Plus Hospital strengthens overseas marketing online at '2020 Online Seoul International Travel Mart' Admin 2020-11-26
37 First face-to-face international tourism fair after the coronavirus, as a pick-up service for the resumption of the tourism market Admin 2020-11-16
36 Seoul, 'Online Seoul International Travel Mart'… Preemptive creation of tourism demand in the Corona era Admin 2020-11-10
35 LANSUN Tourism Expo, Online Seoul International Travel Mart until the 27th Admin 2020-11-10
34 Preemptively creating tourism demand with online Seoul International Travel Mart Admin 2020-11-10
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